Value Management is a structured, systematic and analytical process which pursues value for money by making explicit the functional benefits of a project and appraising those benefits against a value system determined by the Client. It should not be considered as a cost cutting exercise and an option with higher cost may deliver more ‘value’ in terms of quality or functionality of the output as expected by the Client.The process is strategically and organizationally focused and ensures that the project accomplishes strategic fit with the core business of the Client thus, earlier the start of process gives more value to the Client.

Value Engineering is another aspect, commonly defined as an organized approach to providing the necessary functions at the lowest cost and at a specified quality. This is more technical and usually implemented once design is developed to a certain level and/or construction is ongoing.

We understand the Client’s expectations on value for money. Value Management and Value Engineering involve a multi-disciplinary effort with creative brainstorming sessions and being part of Value Management/Value Engineering teams, Qserve Qatar delivers services for spectrum of projects from inception of a project throughout its life cycle and/or when the particular challenge arises.